This sheet of the National Atlas of Canada Reference Map Series differs from all others in the series in several respects: this map shows a brand new set of drainage (being that compiled from the Digital Chart of the World 1: 1 000 000 data); it has detailed digital shaded relief; and it is fully bilingual. The map shows populated places for the three territories and adjacent areas of Canada, Alaska and Greenland, classifying them into one of four size classes. There is a variety of transportation data shown (including rarely-shown features such as ice roads and shipping lanes). The physical geography data shown includes national parks and the location of the tree line. There are two insets on the map: (1) the northern circumpolar region, at scale 1: 51 400 000;and (2) all of Canada, showing standard time zones. The orientation of the map is designed so that all of Hudson Bay and James Bay are shown on the map. Data are as of the late 1990s (with the official Nunavut boundaries of 1999 being shown

Reference number: MCR0036

Size: 46 inches by 41.5 inches

Scale: 1:4 000 000

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Description – 1:50,000 1.25″ = 1 mile covers a 20 mile x 20 mile area, Contour Interval – 10m, Datum – NAD27, UTM Zone – 14, Edition – 02