The bilingual map is a sheet of the Atlas of Canada Reference Map Series. It uses the Vertical Near-Side Perpective Projection. This map is an update of the 2000 Edition of MCR 100. The main change included in the 2004 map is the change of Newfoundland’s name to Newfoundland and Labrador (which occurred in 2001). This map shows provincial and territorial boundaries. Also shown is Canada’s 200 mile offshore limit. Populated places are classified in six size categories. Roads are grouped into three categories (expressways, major roads and other roads). Railways and ferry routes are also shown. The map shows all of Canada’s national parks, and all of Canada’s World Heritage sites. Bathymetric contours are used for all saltwater areas. Because this map does not have urban insets, a much larger coverage area is given for the United States. Data is mainly as of 2000-2004, with the 2001 Census being used as the data source for populated places.

Reference number: MCR0102

Size: 36 inches by 42.8 inches

Scale: 1:6 000 000

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Description – 1:50,000 1.25″ = 1 mile covers a 20 mile x 20 mile area, Contour Interval – 10m, Datum – NAD27, UTM Zone – 14, Edition – 02